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DC Shoes is an American company that specializes in footwear for action sports, including skateboarding and snowboarding. The company also manufactures apparel, bags, accessories, hats, shirts, and posters.

Cali C. wrote a review for SITEJABBER arguing horrible customer service and shipping, she added: "I order my shoes to be overnight/ next day shipping and paid and extra $20 dollars for this too. It is now 3 days later and I still do not have my shoes. Their excuse is any order made on a weekend or holiday takes two extra business days to process... overnight/ next day means overnight/ next day, period. Do not give the option of overnight/ next day shipping if it isn't really overnight/ next day. I asked for my shipping cost to be refunded but I highly doubt they will allow this..."


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Dependienta DC Shoes (Former Employee) says

"No dan una formación adecuada y piden más de lo poco que te han enseñadoAprendes a golpesDesastres para formación"

Assistant Sales (Former Employee) says

"rude, unfriendly, make you do too much work for what your paid,patronising to young people, they always have vacancies because the way they treat their employees"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Managers acted as though they are children. A bit hard to get any extra hours or days to work. Received store discounts. Was offered employment at different locations when home store closed."

Auxiliar geral (Former Employee) says

"Muita desorganização mas é um lugar bom, fazem corretamente o trabalho."

Customer sales assistant (Former Employee) says

"when I decided to start working in the fashion industry I thought the best place to go was retail so I could work up from the bottom. although DC Shoes is an internationally recognised company, I only worked for a franchise so growth was near impossible.learned the basics of retail and merchandisingunorthadox managment"

Production Artist / Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"A typical work day would consist of me reviewing the tasks of the day/week and prioritizing based on deadlines which assignments to work on first then spending the rest of the day creating and delivering the needed art files. There was very little micro management which enabled me to work Autonomously to get assessments done on time. All of my co-workers were great, it was easy to work with everyone in my department and the company held lots of events so that the staff could get to know each other. Hardest part of the job had to be the lack of stability and constant changing of the upper-management resulted in lots of confusion and extra work.Casual Work environment, Fun Staff Events, Well Organized Procedures, Discounts on Cloths and MerchendiseLimited Opportunities to Advance, Poor Management from Parent Company, Lack of Job Security"

Servicio al cliente como vendedor part time proactivo (Former Employee) says

"Fue un lugar donde conocí el trabajo en equipo y tuve buenas amistades lo que rescato mas es la forma de como pude desempeñarme como vendedor ,perder temores de tratar con una persona ser muy pro activo y trabajar bajo presión pero con una buena atención al cliente.."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Working in a warehouse allowed me to get a front row seat and see how attire makes it to the stores. management was friendly and made the work environment less stressful. I really enjoyed the fact that I could see all the accessories this company had to offer.discounnts on merchandiselong hours"

Andrew neisinger says

"Cant get a hold of anyone and the delivery date has came and went and they still haven't even shipped the items!"

Araina Nespiak says

"I have made countless purchases from this company and can honestly say I am not impressed by them as a whole.

First of all the website is absolutely ATROCIOUS and now with Covid being forced to shop online with this brand is horrible! Terrible loading times on iOS and on desktop, the entire experience is super glitchy leading you to a bunch of page's not found... or error messages.

I recently tried to make a purchase and use the points I had accumulated but for some reason I could not checkout; it kept bringing me to a page that said something along of the lines of what I was looking for could not be found. I had gotten all the way through the checkout process but could not actually purchase the item for whatever reason. This was frustrating as I actually lost the size I was wanting but thought I would try on my PC and just get a larger size; however when I tried to checkout I saw that all my points were gone. I didn't make a purchase, so where did these points go?

I then tried to contact DC through their online contact us form however after inputting all the info I found out the "send" button was conveniently not working. Considering how horrible the website is I wasn't entirely shocked so because I had made a recent purchase, I went to my shipping order confirmation email and inquired about this issue there. The reply I received answered NONE of my questions, just told me my order was on the way and gave me a tracking number that I didn't ask for or even need as I already had it.
I have since attempted to reiterate as the individual responding was either purposely ignoring my questions or did not read my email. In my inquiry I also asked them why they were sending me codes that were used; I get emails stating I have a code, I go to use it literally 20 min after receiving the email and it says the code has been redeemed... but by who?

And lastly if you are ordering from Canada it takes AGES to get to you and sometimes the box is in pretty bad shape as it appears to have been put through the ringer before it manages to make it to your doorstep. I haven't had issues with damaged items so far but considering how badly the boxes get treated I would not be surprised if there was damage, and I certainly would not want to be dealing with returns or exchanges with this company.

Overall I like the look of the shoes but there are far too many options to consider that have way better customer service, website and loyalty programs."

Paul He says

"Ordered shoes online in the size every pair of shoes I’ve ever worn for aslong as I can remember. There sizes were off went to return and had to pay to ship them back... will never buy anything DC ever again"

Tawsha Opulencia says

"I ordered a pair of shoes. I paid 50.00 for them. Had to send them back, and I was only refunded 39.00......I was charged for shipping and not refunded the amount. Called customer service and asked to be refunded the shipping seeing I had reordered the same shoes upon returning the shoes that were the wrong size and I was put on hold and it was never resolved. I will never order or buy DC again after this experience. It's poor business"

Mauro DePasquale says

"If you browse the DC website and sign up to get "discounts" you will receive non-stop spam email. When you add an item to your cart, you will notice that none of the coupon codes they send actually work. Worse still, once you close the site with an item in your cart, you will get non-stop, daily begging from DC to come back and complete your order. These will have more fake codes that are not valid. I confronted them about it and the bad customer service response was to simply, "add more products to the cart and see if those discount." Shady!"

Ben Fothergill says

"I'm very unhappy with the service that i have had with them.

1. Only half of my order has arrived (No T-shirt)
2. The shoes appear to be Kid sized (Wasn't stated when purchasing)
3. The box came with 5 empty Shoeboxes
4. The return label isnt in the box

Currently waiting for a reply to the email i sent out a couple days ago reguarding the matter, but after looking at these reviews im not looking hopeful.

Extremely displeased with their service.


Ron Goldin says

"These shoes are crap. They are ugly and uncomfortable. I returned them without even trying them on. Do not buy them"

Alex Brummitt says

"Awful customer service.

Order allegedly despatched 3 weeks ago, but tracking indicates that it never reached the courier.

3 x detailed emails sent to customer service, but no response whatsoever. I have requested a refund, but feel like I’ve seen the last of my money.

The DC Facebook page is jammed full of customers complaining about missing orders. Truly shameful service for such a large company."

JD says

"Poor customer service. My e-mails regarding a refund was never answered.

Their call-in customer service is impossible to get through to and their automated queuing system cuts off automatically after 5 minutes. Once I did get through to someone and explained my request for a refund, they refused to provide me with a call reference number and I was told that they would send me an email instead. I have yet to receive this elusive email or even a call back from them.

I have since not been able to get through to them despite calling for over 2 hours for two days in a row. Needless to say, I have not received my refund either.

Avoid their online ordering service."

Jim Frank says

"Returned the shoes, got 63 instead of the 73 I paid. This is on top of paying 15 for return shipping and HORRIBLE customer service. I lost 25 dollars. F this company I will never ever shop here again an absolutely atrocious company"

Andrew says

"Wrong shoe size. Way too small, the size '10' is actually size 8 or 9 US. Crap."

Jim Frank says

"Horrible shoes, wrong sizing, no arch support, poorly made in China. A mens 7 US from DC is actually a mens 6.5 US. Visible glue around the toe, Customer Service office of hours are non-existent. Return page is misleading stating that boardriders club members get a free refund, WRONG. DO NOT BUY!!!!!"

ALawliss says

"Shoe size not as advised and takes over a MONTH for returns to be received by their warehouse & processed. I've been waiting a month and still have not received a refund! Customer service is no help at all, they just tell you to wait. They are extremely quick to take your money but then don't refund you when the product isn't as described. I'll never order from DC Shoes again (not like the company gives a care anyway...). I returned the shoes 1 day after receiving them. They better not deny my return because it is past the 30 day limit (which they are the reason the 30 day limit would exceed, not me!)."

Dovid Tsap says

"Bought a pair of DC high tops that looked durable. After literally 2 skate sessions the stitching and glue on 1/3 of both shoes came undone! After 8 sessions the sole had nearly worn through.
I can’t believe how unsuitable a pair of skate shoes are for skating!"

kate downing says

"Brought a pair of trainers in December for my son. In January the stitching has all come undone. I emailed them to see what they could do. They offered me 20% off a new pair which I declined. I wanted a replacement or money back. I last wrote an email on the 6th Feb and still awaiting a reply. Terrible customer service"

Sanam Ali says

"Worst online shopping ever!!

Won't give me a free label to return because I'm in canada.
Asking me to go to courier and sort that by myself!
Courier charging me $50 + for return shoes which I bought for $40!!
Never shop from them if you dont want to get ripped off."

Joe says

"Horrible online shop, no customer service, live chat that no one online. A week later and order still under being processed stage. Like other reviewer experienced, hope I don't have wait a few months to get my order. I don't think I'll purchase online from DC shoes again; Quiksilver ROXY, Element, Vonzipper... all distribute by Boardriders. I won't be supervise all have the same poor customer service. I would definitely stay away from these brands."

Magan Lanham says

"If there was a no star rating ide choose it. I ordered my kids shoes on July 27 didn't receive the package until Sept 10. Called numerous times and was promised tracking information. The day I recieved the shoes I immediately sent them back due to size chart being incorrect. Here it is Sept 23 and still no refund. I called and suprise all the return labels inside the box are not prepaid labels. So wow I hope the post office still has the box or someone just got nice shoes. When I explain to DC that customer service is putting a label that is actually paid for to easily send back, then maybe ide reorder but since you have no customer service ability I now get to go find the box and pre pay for the label and hope it's in the return policy length. NEVER AGAIN!!!"

Klement says

"Why can't you guys just stick to standard sizes. I own a lot of DC shirts and every medium size shirt dimensions is completely diffirent. Some are long, others are short, some fit, other don't fit at all. I can't understand why a medium is not always a medium? I also just bought a pair of DC flip flops online and they are a full size smaller than what is indicated on the label. It's a gamble eveytime I buy your stuff online... Very frustrating becasue I do like the brand."

Fernando says

"terrible. Ripped me off"

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